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RGA has partnered with Life Improvement Media

To bring you the Revenue Generating Hour every Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.
If you would like to be a guest please read the information below and complete the form to sign up

Being a Radio Show Guest means that you are featured for an entire broadcasting hour and the content of the show mainly revolves around you. Some of the many benefits of being a Revenue Generating Hour guest include:

  • Reach untapped audiences and expand your circle of influence.

  • Build your brand and get validation as a leader/expert in your field.

  • Choose your appearance schedule – One appearance? Two shows?  Whatever works for your schedule and marketing needs.

  • Get featured on the station’s websites and social media outlets.

  • Very affordable fees for studio time and production.  RGA has preferred pricing for their members and total cost ranges from $50 - $150.

  • Shows are converted to Podcasts that you can use for marketing after broadcast.  They are even loaded to Itunes and other affiliate networks!

    You don’t need any technical expertise to appear on a show. Our experienced team of show producers will walk you through everything you need to know to participate in a high-quality radio show that impresses listeners and attracts awareness. 

Simply complete the form above and you will receive an email with payment options and dates available for upcoming shows. The scheduling process is simple, automated and designed to save time!  We look forward to hearing you on an upcoming episode of the Revenue Generating Activities Radio Hour.